Zoho's Embedded Analytics & BI Software Tool

Integrate a full-featured analytics platform within your application using our single sign-on API or SAML authentication.

Set up a rebranded white-label analytics portal or microsite, seamlessly accessible through web and native mobile apps.

Our embedded business intelligence software is available to all kind of Independent Software Vendors(ISV), Business Consultants, and Solution Developers alike.

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Why choose Zoho's Embedded Analytics Software

  • Focus on your core competency

    Save your time and resources for developing your core products, rather than building a BI module or solution from scratch.

  • Gain a competitive edge

    Our cutting-edge analytics platform serves you real-time actionable insights that help you stay a step ahead of the competition.

  • Accelerate time to market

    As a reliable embedded analytics partner, we ensure that no deployment issues or unforeseen delays will hamper your release schedule.

Embedded Analytics BI
Embedded Analytics BI

Explore our Embedded Analytics platform

Data preparation

Data required for further analysis is continuously gathered and blended from a wide range of scattered data sources, including files, feeds, databases, cloud platforms, and other business apps.

Collaborative dashboards

Build powerful reports and dashboards easily with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Perform ad-hoc exploratory analysis using an array of interactive options. Collaborate instantly with peers through contextual comment threads anytime, anywhere.

Low-code/no-code integration

With elaborate customization and robust APIs for data integration, modeling, authorization, custom styling, and dynamic reports embedding, Zoho Analytics enables the tightest possible integration with minimal or no coding.

AI augmentation

Get instant insights from Zia, Zoho's conversational AI assistant that uses machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) to perform auto-analysis. Take advantage of Zoho Analytics' remarkably accurate smart forecasting, with ML-based predictive analytics.

Ready-made embedded BI solutions tailored for you

We make embedding analytics easy for independent software vendors, business consultants, and solution developers alike. 

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    Embedded BI

    Embed curated, interactive reports and dashboards that provide decision-driving insights at necessary points within the application workflow.

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    Seamless integration

    Integrate a full-featured analytics platform within your application using our single sign-on API or SAML authentication.

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    Self-service analytics portal

    Set up a rebranded analytics portal or microsite, customizable with rich design elements and seamlessly accessible through web and native mobile apps.


"I took a detailed demo and I was sold on acquiring the solution right away because of two reasons: 1. A product company was talking to me like a service company 2. With my experience in fiddling with data, I was able to churn out amazing output on the very first day. "

Harsh Kohli

Founder, Peri CRM


"Thanks to Zoho Analytics, we can combine all types of data to be able to manage them. Prior to the use of Zoho Analytics, we had worked with the main tools in the market, such as QlikView, IBM Cognos, Business Objects. However, we realised that before knowing Zoho Analytics, we had never found a tool that was so easy to use."

Jonathan Theodose

Director, Theometrics Consulting

  • Highly Secure
  • Mobile BI
  • Big Data
Zoho Analytics Data Security

Highly Secure

We take security seriously. Zoho Analytics is governed by strong Zoho Security Practices, including support for redundancy, backup, confidentiality & privacy to help ensure your data is secure & safe.Learn more

Zoho Analytics Data Security
Zoho Analytics Mobile App

Mobile BI

Access and interact with the reports and dashboards that you created in Zoho Analytics, on-the-move, from your iOS and Android-powered mobile devices.Learn more

Zoho Analytics Mobile App
Big Data Analytics Using Zoho Analytics

Big Data

Analyze your big data goldmine with ease and derive key business insights. Data can be in any big data sources like relational, NoSQL and cloud databases, or popular business apps.Learn more

Big Data Analytics Using Zoho Analytics

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