Hiring Pipeline

To plan your organization's strategy, you must have a clear picture of your current hiring. Zoho Recruit's intuitive interface makes sure your entire team is on the same page.

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A bird's-eye view

Zoho Recruit's hiring pipeline gives you a 360 degree view of your current recruitment status. See how many candidates are in each stage of a job search.

Highly customizable

Add or remove stages. Color code them. Customize your recruiting pipelines to fit the way you hire.

Now as a widget

Zoho Recruit positions your hiring pipeline right on your dashboard. This way, you can get a consolidated view of all your jobs and in which stage your candidates are, right from the moment you start your day.

Traction. Transition. Growth.

Get a universal view of all candidates with just one glance, and know where every candidate is at every step in the process.

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