Scale up and simplify your operations with employee scheduling software

Schedule quickly and effectively

Set up and finalize employee schedules within minutes using our employee scheduling software. Create schedules that don’t conflict by checking employee availability and time off. Notify your whole team about new shifts, schedule changes, and shift trade approvals instantly.

Schedule quickly and effectively 
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 Empower your team with flexible schedulesZoho Learn

Empower your team with flexible schedules

Give employees the ability to swap, offer, drop, or pick up open shifts with minimal intervention from managers. Your team can also manage their availability and submit time off requests. Managers will receive immediate notifications for shift confirmations and shift trade requests.

Empower your team with flexible schedulesAR Software in Insurance Claims - Zoho Lens

Optimize your workforce management

Reduce labor costs and needless overtime by setting up pay rules and tracking hours with our time clock feature. This helps you reduce errors, control costs, forecast for the future, and manage budgets smarter.

     Schedule quickly and effectively
Schedule quickly and effectively
 Efficient payroll integrationEfficient payroll integrationSchedule quickly and effectively

Efficient payroll integration

Integrate with your payroll software for faster, more accurate payroll processing. Verify and export timesheets in just a few clicks, and never miss another deadline or pay period.

 Schedule quickly and effectivelySchedule quickly and effectively

Powerful features to empower your business

Real-time updates

Track attendance in real time with updates on who’s currently on shift, late, or on break.

Faster approvals

Review time off and shift trade requests in seconds so your employees get their schedule information faster and you have more time to plan ahead.

Accessibility from anywhere

Allow employees to access their work schedules at any time, making it easy to stay on top of last-minute schedule changes.

Labor law compliance

Keep your records organized according to the latest labor laws, safeguarding your organization from compliance issues. Our system also ensures overtime wages are always paid accurately.

Remote job site check-in

Confirm that your employees are at the right job sites at the right time with GPS tagging and geofencing, and keep your time logs error-free.

SMB or Enterprise - we’ve got you covered!

No matter what industry you’re in, Zoho Shifts has the features and flexibility to manage your team’s complicated schedule.

HealthcarePublic safetyProfessional services
Assisted livingUniversities and schools

Zoho Shifts Mobile app

Keep track and simplify your work from anywhere, with our iOS and Android apps.

Schedule quickly and effectivelySchedule quickly and effectively      
Schedule quickly and effectively