Zoho PageSense's Integrations

Get a 360° view of your marketing campaigns using PageSense's third-party integrations. Analyze the effectiveness of a channel by monitoring its impact on your website conversions.

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      • Google Tag Manager
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        Set up a quick and simple integration with Google Tag Manager to add PageSense's tracking code snippet directly to all your website pages.

      • Google Analytics
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        Integrate PageSense with Google Analytics to get a variation-level breakdown of key web metrics for A/B and Split URL tests.

      • KISSmetrics
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        Track web metrics of each variation in A/B and Split URL tests by integrating PageSense with KISSmetrics.

      • Mixpanel
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        Integrate PageSense with Mixpanel to collect all the variation-specific actions on your website for the A/B and Split URL tests.

      • Google Ads
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        Track conversions from Google Ads across all tests, funnel analysis, form analytics, and goals.

      • Intercom
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        View achieved goals and the session recording playback of visitors who've engaged with you via Intercom.

      • Zoho Sites
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        If you've built your website using Zoho Sites, analyze and optimize its conversions from the get-go by enabling the single-click integration with PageSense.

      • Zoho Sales IQ
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        Integrate PageSense with Zoho Sales IQ through a single-click, and view your customer's behavior on your website in real time, and provide enhanced support.