Create KPI dashboards quick and easy.

Visualize and analyze your data with dashboards. Create insightful KPI dashboards to track your key performance indicators. With our KPI dashboard tool, share the business dashboards you create with your colleagues for easier data analysis and collaboration.

Sales KPI Tracking - Zoho Analytics
KPI Dashboard - Zoho Analytics
KPI Tracking Tool - Zoho Analytics

Track key performance indicators. Empower your business.

1 Million Users. 10 Million Reports and Dashboards. 1 KPI Analytics Software.

KPI Software Case Study - Zoho Analytics

Arik Levy, CEO - Luxer One

"Zoho Analytics is very scalable and useful, and it offers incredible value."

Dresner Wisdom of Crowds® BI 2021 Market Study

Zoho Analytics is rated overall Leader for both Customer Experience and Vendor Credibility by Dresner Advisory Services

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Build your own KPI dashboards.