When learning becomes teamwork.

You learn from each other, and that's what helps your team grow. Set up your team's knowledge base with Manuals so that you can all share your expertise and make the art of mastering new material easy.

Communicate. Collect. Curate.

Add experts in your network as Contributors to a manual and organize the shared content into Chapters and Articles. When information is categorized neatly, your team will always know where to look for what they need.

Sharing is a good thing.

Get information to the right people. You can keep your manual public, so everyone in your network can read it, publish it within a group, or make it visible only to specific people.

Say more, learn more.

Get your questions answered. Start a conversation with in-house experts from right within your manual. Each manual has its own wall—a space to hold relevant discussions. Each article within a manual also has a feed of its own.

Follow through.

Follow manuals or articles that interest you and never miss a single update from them.

Start building your knowledge base.

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