Deliver a delicious dining experience with the restaurants app. 

Running a restaurant is no easy feat. You have a never-ending list of tasks, from managing the front desk, to revising menus and checking in on the kitchen. Whether you own a fast food restaurant, fine dining establishment, or a gastropub, install the restaurant management app to get the most out of your restaurant business.

See how the app works

A ready-made app to cater to all your restaurant's needs.  

  • Re-design menus to draw more customers.

    Refine your menu and make one-time customers into regulars. Access detailed reports about orders delivered and view a breakdown of how your menu is performing by time and day of the week. You can easily identify loyal customers, common meal preferences, and average amounts spent.

  • Deliver orders faster.

    Your staff can track and update the status of each order as opened, served, billed, or closed with the click of a button. Delivery and kitchen staff can fulfill orders faster without having to run between the back and front of the house. 

  • Never run out of ingredients again.

    Update stock as it's sold and track your inventory in real-time. Get notifications about low inventory levels and expiring items without spending hours scrolling through paper registers and spreadsheets.

  • Make the reservation process painless.

    Spare your customers the long wait and offer the option to reserve a table in advance. Use the interactive table selection module of the app to easily allocate tables and send instant booking confirmation to customers via email or text. 

  • Optimize your spending.

    Streamline your buying process and record expenses as they occur. Select the supplier, upload invoices, and add items purchased to automatically calculate totals. Keep track of monthly costs, preferred suppliers, and even rate contracts for regular monthly supplies.

  • Say goodbye to paperback feedback forms.

    Make it easier for customers to provide feedback with forms optimized for mobile. Get real-time insights about delivery, ambiance, and service to improve the overall dining experience.

But that's not all—we've got more in store for you.

  • Manage your restaurant from anywhere.

    Any application built on Zoho Creator is instantly available on any device or platform. Even if you’re not in the restaurant, you can monitor sales, update purchase orders, and track inventory in real-time from the palm of your hand.

  • Integrate with all your favorite tools.

    Connect the important systems in your organization and save yourself from the complexity of managing separate software for POS, inventory, and accounting. 

  • Customize apps to fit your needs .

    With Zoho Creator's drag-and-drop workflow builder, you can add new features or tweak existing workflows even after you launch your apps. Add the shift management module to schedule employees easily, track their hours, and automatically process payroll.

Install, customize, and make it yours.