Spend less time navigating your CRM and more time prospecting

Zoho CRM zooms in with different views to help you target your hottest prospects, prioritize your most significant deals, and improve closure rates. Locate a specific set of records that match your search criteria and use those records to perform extensive operations inside CRM. 

CRM Software benefits | Zoho CRM

Here's how we can help you

  • Create industry specific views that offers necessary context to your CRM data
  • Cut through the clutter effortlessly and find the data you need
  • Get predictions on the lead and deal closure to help focus your efforts

Canvas - Go beyond the conventional view

Say goodbye to traditional tabular data arrangement inside your CRM. List records the way you want to view them with the industry's first-of-its-kind canvas view. Add images for easy identification, use custom buttons to create fields of your choice, and fully customize your list view based on your business' needs.

CRM View for Deals

CRM View for Deals is more than just a Kanban board. A visual summary of your deals, segmented and prioritized based on their stage, lets you stay on track and keep things moving forward. Create custom views to focus on deals created this month, closing this month, owned by a specific user, and more. Drag and drop deals from one sales stage to another, and instantly see your numbers change.

See the future 

Don't just view data, predict future sales trends as they happen. Zia, your AI-powered sales assistant, captures insights from every sales activity and shows you an overview of leads that are likely to convert into a deal. Filter leads/deals based on their prediction score, know which deals are currently stuck in the pipeline, and identify the ones that are advancing to deal closure.

Views that trigger actions

Know which actions to take next. Use colour-coded labels to see your next follow-up activity alongside your leads, contacts, and deals in the List View. With Advanced Filters, you'll find which deals closing this month have no associated tasks and which high-value leads have tasks that are overdue.

Get exactly what you want

Narrow down large volumes of leads or deals to the ones that are most important. Create Advanced Filters that add context to your search, so you can filter out the records that you need to concentrate on and decide on the best course of action.

Leverage filters to comb through the data you have to find exactly what you need with ease

Make the most of your spreadsheets

When you're editing CRM records in bulk, you need a way to work quickly. Use your CRM to tap into the power of spreadsheets and modify records directly in CRM.

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