Emails powered by AI

Email isn't dead, it's evolving—from composing, to generating reports, and finally, analyzing replies. You can use emails to make a sale or determine why it fell through, and now, with Zia's help, you can improve the way you send emails, and get a deeper understanding of your communication.

Intelligent emails with Zia

Here's how we can help you

  • Enrich your customer records from email signatures
  • Capture event information with a single click
  • Understand the intent and sentiment behind each email to prioritize your replies

Enrich your CRM data with email

When a lead changes their contact info, it can be difficult to get in touch with them—your emails get redirected or your calls go unanswered. Your CRM data might be out of date, but your client's email signature usually isn't. Instead of spending time keeping up with every single contact, Zia captures data for you from email signatures (where contact information is typically listed) and uses it to enrich your customers' contact info.

Turn emails into events

Emails are storehouses of information, often filled with appointments for things like calls, tasks, or meetings. Missing out on these activities could prove fatal to a potential deal, so Zia captures these events to create activities in Zoho CRM and syncs them with your CRM calendar.

Scan the sentiment and intent behind every email

Every conversation carries an emotive tone—whether positive, negative, or neutral—and is written with a specific intent, like an inquiry, request, complaint, purchase, or even just spam. Zia analyzes the content of customer emails to help you understand the sentiment of every email so you can prioritize your next interactions.

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