Zoho Empowers SMBs with Hassle-Free Inventory, Order Management Software

Zoho Inventory Simplifies Tasks for Retailers, Ecommerce Companies; Works with Zoho Books, Zoho CRM to Integrate Back Office, Front Office Operations

PLEASANTON, Calif.-- Zoho today announced the launch of Zoho Inventory, its cloud-based inventory and order management software for retailers and businesses that sell online. Zoho Inventory automates inventory and fulfillment tasks to ensure the right products are in stock at the right time, in the right locations and that orders are filled quickly and efficiently. The new software also streamlines companies' back office and front office operations by integrating with Zoho's online accounting software, Zoho Books, and its customer relationship management application, Zoho CRM. Users can get a 14-day free trial account of Zoho Inventory at https://www.zoho.com/inventory/.

One of the most challenging tasks for business owners is inventory and order management. Having product available to meet customer demand at the right time, and at the right location is critical to any product-selling business. Conversely, rising inventories means wasting assets that can sap much needed cash from a growing company. In order to reach the right balance and optimize business, companies need to adopt just-in-time inventory practices.

“Inventory and order management is important to companies of all sizes,” said Raj Sabhlok, president of Zoho Corp. “SMBs, in particular, can reap significant rewards when they automate those functions; but many still use a spreadsheet – or pen and paper. Zoho Inventory efficiently manages inventory and orders, optimizing them to dramatically increase revenues and profitability for any company that sells online or off.”

Zoho Inventory Highlights

Manage online and offline ordersZoho Inventory offers a centralized inventory from which users can manage both online and offline orders and stock levels across multiple channels. In turn, business owners can expand their reach and avoid a lot of the trouble that comes with multi-channel selling.

The new service integrates with Amazon, eBay, Shopify and Etsy; so items, contacts and sales orders in those channels will be imported to Zoho Inventory. More, when a purchase is made in one channel, stock levels are automatically updated in all channels. When an item is packed and shipped, the status is updated in the corresponding channel.

Just the right amount of stockUsers can keep their product list organized and get notified when product stock falls below desired inventory levels. This way, users can avoid losing out on sales due to stock-outs. With Zoho Inventory's powerful reporting features, users can optimize their purchases and inventory levels and get critical insights about their businesses.

Fulfill orders in timeZoho Inventory takes care of order fulfillment as well and works with 25+ shipping services. Owners can make use of that integration to get real-time shipping rates of different services from one place. Also, the status and in-transit location of each shipment will be updated at regular, user-defined intervals.

Works with Zoho's accounting software... Zoho Inventory integrates with Zoho Books, the backbone of the back office that lies at the heart of Zoho finance solutions adopted by many retailers and online sellers. Zoho Inventory can leverage Zoho Books to ensure data integrity and eliminate duplicate data entry. The integration also provides Zoho Inventory users an integrated view of their business; so for instance, purchases from vendors and invoices for inventory made in Zoho Inventory are automatically recorded and reflected in Zoho Books.

...And with Zoho's CRM softwareZoho Inventory also integrates with Zoho CRM, so all contacts, invoices, items and sales orders are reflected in both applications. This way, sales people know what stock is on hand and what is back ordered. The inventory insight ensures sales teams sell what they have and set customer expectations appropriately when selling items that are out of stock.

Zoho Inventory also features a mobile app for iOS users that lets users find status updates of orders in real time, from anywhere.

Pricing and availability

Zoho Inventory, along with the iOS app, is available immediately for businesses. For details on pricing plans, visit https://www.zoho.com/inventory/pricing. All users get Zoho Books Professional Plan for free to manage their accounting. All Zoho Inventory plans include a 14-day, free trial that can be accessed at https://www.zoho.com/inventory/signup/.

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