Easy Migration to Zoho CRM Gives Salesforce.com Users Robust Features at Affordable Prices

PLEASANTON, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Zoho today announced the Zwitch program for Salesforce.com, which lets Salesforce.com users easily migrate to Zoho CRM, the award-winning, affordable customer relationship management application for organizations that want to run their businesses online. With several users switching from Salesforce.com to Zoho frequently, this program is aimed at helping ease this transition, while driving down costs and delivering better value for their money.

In related news, Zoho also announced the Zoho Mail Add-on for Zoho CRM (please see "Zoho CRM Gains Mail Add-on").

"Zoho CRM is the other award-winning, on-demand CRM application," said
Rodrigo Vaca, director of marketing at Zoho.

"Zwitch lets Salesforce.com customers try Zoho CRM during a hands-on, 15-day free trial period. Zoho will migrate their data for free, so they can try the system as they would be using it. We've taken great care to streamline the migration and ensure that users can see for themselves how Zoho CRM provides the robust functionality their businesses demand at prices the current financial situation requires."

Making the Zwitch

Zoho CRM is a complete customer relationship lifecycle management solution that manages organization-wide sales, marketing, customer support and service, and inventory for small and medium organizations, even those with complex organizational hierarchies. Monthly prices for Zoho CRM start at $0 for Zoho CRM Free Edition (for up to three users), $12 per user for Zoho CRM Professional Edition, and $25 per user for Zoho CRM Enterprise Edition. Users will find feature and pricing details at https://www.zoho.com/crm/zohocrm-pricing.html.

All Salesforce.com users are eligible to participate in the Zwitch program, which offers:

  • Free, no-obligation assessment with a Zoho CRM specialist to evaluate needs and confirm Zoho CRM will provide benefits and functionality that are equal, or superior, to what they currently have with Salesforce.com;
  • Free data migration services;
  • A free, no-commitment, 15-day trial period for new users to try Zoho CRM with the data migrated from Salesforce.com, in order to confirm their decision to switch to Zoho CRM; and
  • Once a customer decides to switch to Zoho, a credit on their account for their time remaining on the Salesforce.com contract (up to six months).

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