Zoho Social Targets Digital Agencies

PLEASANTON, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Zoho today announced that Zoho Social, its social media marketing tool, is now available in a special edition for digital agencies. Zoho Social for Agencies enables digital agencies to manage social media accounts of all clients, plan and collaborate with clients over strategy, and report against outcomes using customized reports and aggregate statistics.

"In the last year, many digital agencies have opted for Zoho Social because it allows them to plan and execute social media strategies for all their clients, from a single platform,” said Praval Singh, Product Manager, Zoho Social. “We've built on this to cater to specific needs of digital agencies and to strengthen their branding. New collaboration capabilities allow agency teams to work with each other, and with the client, on the same platform. We expect this to result in quicker and better decisions, with client buy-in."

Zoho Social is Now Adapted for Agencies

Digital agencies can now take advantage of the various features of Zoho Social. They can manage the content pipeline for each of their clients with an intuitive publishing calendar – posts can be rescheduled and spread out over time, by dragging and dropping them to other dates. The SmartQ predictive scheduling suggests the best time to schedule a post on a network by analyzing the engagement received in the past. The agencies can monitor social media activities such as hashtags, likes, and mentions for each of their clients. Zoho Social also provides unlimited reporting, with pre-built statistics that can aggregate and compare outcomes across multiple social networks.

Highlights of Zoho Social for Agencies edition include:

One tool to manage all clients: Agencies can manage all their clients, or brands, with a single tool. The admin can specify roles for various team members and assign clients to them.

Agency branding: Agencies can custom-label Zoho Social by adding their name, logo, and favicon. The logo will also appear on reports generated and custom emails sent to the clients when they are invited, thereby helping agencies reinforce their brand.

Collaboration with team and clients: Agency team members can collaborate among themselves on various topics by starting new discussions. They can even invite clients (by @tagging them) to specific discussions. While improving decisions, this also serves as a record of the process.

Integration with Facebook Lead Ads: For clients who use Zoho CRM, agencies can generate leads from Facebook campaigns and push them directly into the CRM system, without having to download the leads manually from Facebook.

Pricing and Availability

Zoho Social for Agencies is available in two plans. The Agency and Agency Plus plans are available immediately for $1,000/year for 15 brands and $1,500/year for 25 brands, respectively. Both the plans include labeling with agency name, logo, favicon and custom domain, agency-branded reports, and personalized client invite emails, apart from all the features of the Professional Edition of Zoho Social.

Zoho Social is available in five languages apart from English — French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian.

For more information, please visit:www.zoho.com/social/agencies

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