Zoho Creator Applications Now Accessible from Mobile Devices

PLEASANTON, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE) - Making its popular online database available to people who work online while on the go, Zoho today announced the availability of Zoho Creator Mobile. Now, users can access their private and shared applications created in Zoho Creator from their mobile phones and devices.

"Mobile devices are constant personal companions, far more ubiquitous than laptops with WiFi or cellular network connections," said
Raju Vegesna, Zoho evangelist.

"A lot of applications benefit tremendously from this kind of mobile access, so we've made it possible for our customers to view and enter data into their applications right from their mobile."

From a mobile device, Zoho Creator Mobile can be accessed at https://creator.zoho.com/mobile or https://creator.zoho.com/m. Users who visit https://creator.zoho.com from a mobile device will also be directed to the Zoho Creator Mobile page.

Zoho Creator Mobile supports mobile devices with Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, and other WAP browsers. The Zoho Creator Mobile interface has also been optimized for the iPhone.

Kudos for Zoho Creator Mobile

With over 500,000 customers using over 60,000 applications created in Zoho Creator, the introduction of Zoho Creator Mobile is earning rave reviews.

"This is great stuff guys. I have just created a form and it worked like a charm. I am sitting in a cab and have just checked it out. Well done."

Erich Hugo, business innovation manager, Nokia

Zoho releases Zoho Creator Mobile

"I think the release of the mobile version is a big step ahead not only needed in today's market but also a very valuable addition to the current software pool. Don't forget that this is what the Web is all about: application and data access, everywhere, from anywhere, from any device imaginable. Disclaimer: I like Zoho. A lot!"

S.M. Schrama; web 2.0 weblog

Zoho Creator Now Mobile, Beating Google to the Punch Again

"Zoho has been pretty good and quick to extend the majority of its suite's solutions for mobile access, and now Creator isn't the one that's left behind. ...Zoho has generally been able to beat Google to the punch..."

Kristen Nicole; Mashable

Zoho getting real smart with portable computing…

"To really get traction for SaaS delivered office productivity, there can be no barriers to what people can do with them. Google apps is very much second best as a word and spreadsheet tool to MS office - Zoho ups the ante by creating more functionality across more application areas than Google."

Ben Kepes; diversity.net.nz

For a promotional video of Zoho Creator Mobile, please visit https://youtube.com/watch?v=m9uZ9SkKhJw.

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