Zoho Unveils Zoho CRM for Google AdWords to Provide New Level of Insight into Online Marketing ROI

Further Expands Visibility of End-to-End Customer Cycle with CRM View for Social and New VOIP Telephony Functionality

PLEASANTON, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Zoho today announced significant enhancements to its flagship Zoho CRM offering, including Zoho CRM for Google AdWords. This carefully designed, new tool empowers B2B companies to measure the ROI of their online marketing spend and increases their visibility into the entire sales cycle — online and offline, and over extended periods of time. To further expand customer engagement, Zoho also added new features to its CRM offering, including CRM View for Social and VOIP Telephony integration. The enhanced Zoho CRM app is included in the new Zoho CRM Plus offering announced today.

Zoho CRM for Google AdWords

Today, the majority of B2B companies who advertise online are closing their sales via phone, in person or well after the initial online interaction occurs. The typical B2B sales cycle becomes opaque as it moves offline, and the efficacy of the online marketing spend becomes impossible to judge. By integrating with Google AdWords, Zoho CRM is transforming how B2B companies monitor and measure the ROI of their online marketing efforts. The synchronization between Zoho CRM and Google AdWords allows customers to follow the evolution of a sale from initial keyword click to closing contract and beyond. Zoho CRM for Google AdWords is available today for all customers in the Enterprise Edition.

“It makes sense to have customer information stored in your CRM system, and CRM View for Social delivers a unified snapshot of the entire conversation.”

“We are addressing one of the most significant pain points experienced by B2B marketing executives who want to analyze the ROI of their online marketing spend as it tracks against the entire sales cycle,” said Rodrigo Vaca, VP of marketing at Zoho. “Zoho CRM for Google AdWords is a ground-breaking new tool that gives executives valuable and verifiable insight into how their marketing spend impacts the bottom line.”

Zoho CRM for Google AdWords ties together offline transactions and online marketing spend, making it possible for businesses to close the loop between the two. With this, customers can better evaluate their conversion rates and ROI for their Google investment at the campaign, ad group and keyword levels.

Engagement Across Social, Phone and Web

With cross-channel communications an expectation in today’s social media-driven business environment, companies need to quickly ascertain the source and sentiment of their audience. Zoho CRM View for Social is a new tool that allows users to access their customers’ contact information, pending deal information, past purchases and organizational ownership. The tool then prioritizes and routes the customer’s social media response and notifies relevant parties with just a click.

“This brings social media — a powerful tool that is changing the face of customer management — out of isolation and into a central role within the sales cycle,” said Meera Sapra, head of social media marketing at Zoho. “It makes sense to have customer information stored in your CRM system, and CRM View for Social delivers a unified snapshot of the entire conversation.”

Zoho also announced a significant update to its telephony functionality, making it easier for customers to integrate their VOIP phone system with their sales operation. In addition, the company opened its PhoneBridge API so that any telephony vendor can now easily integrate with Zoho. This allows customers to directly place calls from Zoho CRM’s interface, automatically log call details as activities in their CRM and have relevant customer information displayed on their screen as they answer a call. Zoho PhoneBridge now integrates with Twilio and Ringio, and integration with Five9, Ozonetel and RingCentral is expected soon.

Pricing and Availability

CRM View for Social and Telephony are available for all Zoho CRM Enterprise and Professional Edition customers. For Zoho CRM pricing and to sign up, please visit https://www.zoho.com/crm/zohocrm-pricing.html.

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